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Auto, Truck, Trailer and Motorcycle Tie-Downs, Hardware and Accessories, Arm Restraints, Nets, Driver Restraints and Restraint Recertification


  • How long will my order take to ship?  On average most orders take between 7 to10 days to ship.
  • How much does shipping cost?  Shipping cost as assessed by weight of the product.  We are contracted to ship using UPS.  Once your order is complete, we weigh the package and match the weight to your shipping address and from there we will be able to provide the exact shipping charge.
  • Are M&R Products goods "Made In America"? Yes they are.  They are made in a sewing facility in Millville, New Jersey.
  • Does M&R Products have a retail location?  No, I'm sorry we don't.  We must ship all items ordered.
  • Can M&R produce custom webbing orders?  Yes we can.  We can customize most of the standard webbing items we sell.  However, there may be some customization restrictions due to the requirements of the safety organizations we are affiliated with.
  • Does M&R still sell Racing Harnesses?  Yes, we sell 5-point Adult and Junior models.