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Capacity Rating Information

Capacity Rating, Breaking Strengths and Webbing Information

Capacity ratings, breaking strengths, load limits and webbing information reflected on the M&R web site are based on the capacities, loads and stresses an M&R product assembly/system can withstand prior to failure. All system/assembly ratings are, in turn, based on ratings of the weakest component (as provided by each component supplier) of that system/assembly. M&R Products strongly recommends that the owner/operator never exceed the capacity rating, breaking strength or load limit of any M&R product.

All ratings are for NEW products only.  Damage, age and/or wear and tear of any product can greatly reduce the product's strength.  Products on this website are subject to weather, sun, rain, wind, dirt, mud, snow, ice, salt, chemical solutions, etc.  All products should be inspected by the owner/operator prior to each use.

M&R Products highly recommends that the owner/operator protect all webbing straps from rough and/or sharp objects.  All damaged or worn products should not be used and removed immedately and replaced.  All products should be used in accordance with industry, local, state and federal regulations.  It is the owner/operators responsibility to inspect all products prior to use.  Failure to follow product instructions, warnings and/or perform regular inspections could result in cargo damage and/or severe injury and/or death.